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flower power

back in feburary when i was working for samantha pleet
i went on a little trip to philly to work on her rapscallion urban outfitter collection
while rolling in bed with an achy belly from too much yummy in my tummy from last nights thanksgiving dinner
i was doing at little web shopping and came across these jumpers...that i hand painted the textile for. . i was pretty excited

and these little booties on the right i painted tooo.o.o.o.o.


bite me. look book volume two

first cut of bite me.
lara vincent.
video one.
collection two.
look book volume two



i stumbled upon one of my hats on the website of fabulous photographer karen rose
i call this hat the valentinny 


Samantha Pleet at the Dossier Party wearing one of my floral headdresses  


click image for full detail


"The Flowers of Evil" is a collection of headdresses drawn and cut, sewn and stitched, then bunched together by incorporating flowers, forbidden fruit, unbreakable hearts, sorcery, feathers and all things Lara Vincent. These pieces perfectly complement every budding beauty.